Lawyer or notary, you are looking for a solution to manage your study effectively?

Piges - Software for Notaries & Lawyers


Piges - Software for Notaries & Lawyers

More efficient and faster processing of your files.

In order to cope with the increase in the volume of information to be managed, the increased mobility of the personnel, the need to inform the clients more and more quickly, the use of a computer tool specially adapted for notaries and lawyers is nowadays essential.

Piges is conceived to satisfy all the specific needs of notary and lawyer offices of all sizes. More than a software, Piges is a modern concept to manage information in an innovative way. Forget about the problems of file searches, backups, updates, redundant data, re-typing and focus on your clients and their needs.

Our partner

Alef Consulting SA

IT consulting and services company founded in 2001. It is composed of six consultants who have been active for many years, mainly on IT projects in the sectors of occupational benefit planning, notary management and NGOs.